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decision treeIn partnership with our inkhundla & MP Marwick Khumalo, we aim to kickstart national Arbour Day in Swaziland. Arbor day provides a fun opportunity to raise awareness of Swaziland’s greening initiatives, encouraging all communities & businesses to participate in various greening activities.

It highlights the essential role trees play in sustainable development & the livelihoods of people & their environment, now & for the future.

The aim of Arbor Month is to promote and create a better life for all – a very relevant issue for our younger generations to take the lead in, initiating tree planting activities & related environmental education programmes around Swaziland.

If you like this initiative & think you could help, please get in touch & tell us how!


At the end of 2010 Guba facilitated a tree planting day at Lobamba Lomdzala Inkhundla.

After identifying & discussing each tree’s key characteristics, needs & planting techniques, we planted 11 trees at the community centre with over 30 community members & local leaders. We then distributed 3 trees per participant to be planted & nurtured around the community in their homesteads.


In March 2011, we conducted 10 spot checks to see how the trees are growing in their homesteads. To our delight the 10 people visited had all of their trees planted, watered & growing well. The positive response to this activity & the high standard of maintenance of the trees is an encouraging start to our work in natural resource management at community level.

All the trees were donated by The Times of Swaziland who are promoting a greener nation. We look forward to doing more work with them in the near future.




tree planting

 Mangwayane Academy

In February 2011, a team from Guba took 15 trees to local primary school Mangwayane Academy to teach the Form 6 pupils about the importance of trees, their different functions & how to plant them to maximize their different uses.

To deepen awareness of the importance of trees, the Guba team separated the 43 pupils into small groups to play educational games designed to identify the vital services a tree provides as part of its life cycle. All in all, it made for a fun day of learning while making a sustained positive impact.

We hope to continue working with our local schools to further promote the important role trees play in the delicate balance of life.

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