Text the grc continuumSuccessful graduates of growing resilient communities: part 1 (grc: 1),  are invited to apply to growing resilient communities: part 2 (grc: 2). While grc: 1  focuses on establishing permaculture homesteads in our constituency – Lobamba Lomdzala – the grc: 2 is a contiguous market access service where training focuses on livelihood scale production, market analysis & access via identification of informal markets.

This project aims to foster a robust local food system by strengthening the food security of local farmers & enabling those successful graduates best positioned to upscale production to access informal & formal markets.

Guba offers a bulking & distribution hub for its trainees & graduates of grc: 1 that is underpinned by principles of Fair Trade & environmental stewardship. Its purpose is to represent marginalised farmers & unlock access to markets to increase their income.

Gubagrowing organic produce for market